I help LGBTQ identified people survive traumatic breakups and divorce.

The ending of your relationship has left you in shock. Normally, you are a peace-loving, open-minded, empowered person, but this ending feels like complete abandonment. You are at a loss for words with the emotions that grab hold of you unexpectedly—rage, sadness, fear. You are a strong person who has been blind-sided and there is a part of you that doesn’t feel like you can survive. 

Sure, you have your flaws, but you are a person who has given love, compassion, and loyalty in your relationship. You are a good person, who deserves love, honesty, and respect. But now that your relationship has ended, you’ve lost sight of these parts of yourself. You are looking to burn something down. 

I help LGBTQ identified people who have faced devastation after a breakup or divorce to walk through the flames of this disaster and into a strength they never knew they had. Together we work to put out the fire before it destroys you or anyone else. You will learn to express your rage and fear without feeling out of control. Therapy can help you move from broken and bitter to grounded in wisdom and clarity. When you are ready, I can even help you understand what it takes to find love that is sexy AND secure. To find love that will never pull the rug out from underneath you again. 

You’ve put in some of the best years of your life trying to make love work, and I know you don’t have time to waste. If you are ready to release the rage and the shock, contact me for a free consult in Portland, OR., click here today.