I help people navigate the complexities of polyamory so they feel free, while secure and connected.

Polyamory is where you are, or where you are headed. You believe it makes sense that people are attracted to more than one person. You even think it could be life enhancing to have more than one intimate relationship. A lot of “monogamous” people are cheating on their partners. Open, honest polyamory makes way more sense. Or does it? It is intriguing, complex and scary all at the same time.

You have a lot of questions, whether you are contemplating talking to your partner about opening the relationship or you have already started the journey. The idea of them getting appreciation from someone else warms your heart and excites you. The idea of your own freedom and new relationship energy with another person is very appealing. But you think you might need to think through what the challenges might be. You’ve known other poly people who have had life draining dysfunction, and even “cheating.” There seem to be lots of people with differing opinions of what’s best. Some people say you aren’t supposed to fall in love with another person in poly. But is that true, or possible? What about jealousy?! What about your home, or life, or friendship that you’ve built others? What about how your friends or family will treat you if they knew? Should you keep it in the closet? It all seems so complex.

I help individuals and couples who are curious about polyamory or in polyamorous relationships navigate the complexities of love and intimacy in their relationships. I help them find the deeper needs and motivation that has brought them to this place, so they understand themselves, and one another. From that place of understanding I help folks learn to communicate their needs to one another in a way that leads to deeper connection and a feeling of safety. This enables you to go exploring the world, and have adventures, including in relationships with other people, without compromising the established, important, relationships you have already built. 

Sometimes you will need to repair past wounds in your current relationship to move forward. Or you may have relationship losses from the past that are causing you overwhelming stress when you are in the complexities of an open relationship, or thinking about what it would take to open up. I can help you look at this in a clear and empowered manner.

What would life look like if you didn’t have to spend hours processing and worrying and instead could have tools, and strategies in place to help you bask in the yumminess of life with lots of love?

Instead of being too scared to implement poly or getting stuck in dysfunctional jealousy and insecurity, you can develop a healthy, safe, sexy, open relationship. For a 15 minute free consultation in Portland, OR. contact me here.