I help health care providers who are struggling with burnout, anxiety, or depression, reconnect with what they love about their work and their life.

When the fire alarm goes off, you move towards it. You get calm, focused, and come alive under pressure. You’re an excellent nurse, medic, or trauma therapist. People call you a hero, but you are just doing your job. Lately you’ve been stressed out. You have no energy, no time for nonsense. You’ve been getting annoyed at your coworkers and some patients, and a shift at work wears you out. You don’t really enjoy being at home after work; you just lay on the couch. You’ve been sleeping too much, or not enough. When you do sleep you have stress-filled dreams that wake you up. You used to like getting up and going to work, but now you just feel tired. You’re not interested in the fun things you used to do, your house is a mess, you feel isolated. It’s taking a toll on your relationships. Things like overeating, and binge watching TV is your solace. Something is definitely out of whack but nothing has “happened” so you’re not sure what’s going on or what to do about it. If nothing changes though, you fear you will either quit your job, get fired, or stay miserable—something’s gotta give.

I can help you with the burn out. I can help you figure out how to stay in your job in a healthy way, regain balance and meaning, and get re-energized. I am a therapist who worked as an RN for over 20 years and was a rescuer at the OKC bombing. I understand how over time, working with other people’s trauma can build up and burn you out. I will help you understand that no matter how trained you are to do the work, your exposure to trauma can result in vicarious trauma. I will help you work through any trauma that may be consciously or unconsciously disrupting your life and teach you strategies for dealing with it so that you can continue doing the work you love and excel at while living a healthy and happy life.

You’re excellent at what you do and you deserve to enjoy your work and your life. If you are ready to stop burning out and get your life back on track, contact me for a free 15 minute phone consult in Portland, OR. Contact me here today.